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Folks, it seems that my report to THE VOICE was apparently not received by John Bottomley and published in the latest on-line issue.

This is the information which I DID send on August 28 to THE VOICE for publication in the latest issue:  *note most of the information is moot now, but since I was “called out” about it on a social media site, I thought I would set the record straight….and I never received any notification that it WASN’T received so assumed all was well…

Southern Branch Report

Though it is still hot in the South, things will be cooling down before too long and the Southern season will be wrapping up by mid-October.  In the meantime, there is a lot to be seen and heard prior to that time.

Our first upcoming Games of the Southern fall season will be Charleston on September 19 – with one of the highlights of that event being that the Grade III bands will be playing both the stated medley contest of the day as well as a special “MSR” contest as well.  It will be good to hear our Grade III bands playing their “other” selection on that day.  For further information, visit:

Though it has been posted on our branch webpage (, and elsewhere, the Annual Branch AGM will be held on Sunday morning, September 20 at the Homewood Suites by Hilton, 1998 Riviera Drive, Mt. Pleasant, SC. The meeting will start promptly at 9 a.m.   Any items to be presented by the Branch at the AGM must be presented at this meeting, and will be discussed and voted upon at this time.  I look forward to your participation in this meeting.  You must be present or have a representative at the meeting to submit any potential agenda items you or your band may have.

Two weeks from Charleston, the Branch Band Championship will be held at the Scotland County Games (  Also, on the Friday night before the Games, the annual “Worlds Great Pipers Concert Series” sponsored by the Games will feature Eight-time Glenfiddich Piping Championship Winner Willie McCallum in concert at St. Andrews University in Laurinburg, NC.  This will be Willie’s first visit to the Southern U.S. and we hope to offer him a warm welcome – and I’m certain that many will be in attendance at his concert that evening.  Details found on the website above.

The Stone Mountain Games will mark the end of the Southern Branch’s season on October 17.  This event has traditionally been one of the largest in the South, and I look forward to seeing many of you there.  For further information, visit:

To all who are planning on competing at our Branch events, please make sure to get your entries in promptly to our Piping and Drumming directors.  I am hearing that the trends are leaning toward later and later registrations from competitors which creates an unnecessary strain on these folks who do so much for us in making our events happen.  Please register early…don’t wait til the last minute!

All the best to our Branch members, bands, and solo competitors in their late summer and early fall playing endeavors!

Bill Caudill

Chairman, Southern Branch



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Branch Nominating Committee Representative Needed

Dear Southern Branch Members,

I received the following e-mail just last evening from Jim Dillahey, VP of the EUSPBA, who has been selected as Chair of the Nominating Committee for officers in upcoming elections for 2015.  Each branch is to select a member (must be a member of the Association) to serve as a Branch Representative on the Nominating Committee.

We need to have a representative from the Branch for this Committee.  Instead of simply selecting someone who I feel would do the job well, i’d like to open this up for anyone who is interested in serving in this capacity.  Jim explains the requirements in his note.  I would preface this again by saying that anyone who is considered would need to be a member of the Association, and preferably have a good knowledge of individuals throughout our Branch as well as some knowledge of individuals further afield.

This committee membership is now OPEN for any interested parties.  Please e-mail me personally:   if you are interested in this position.  Please note Jim’s e-mail below:

Dear Branch Chairs:

I am writing to let you know I have been appointed chairman of the 2015 nominating committee and to ask for your help in identifying one representative from each of your branches to serve with me.

This year, the following offices are up for election:

•         Recording Secretary (Sheldon Hamblin – Incumbent)

•         Treasurer (Matt Wood -  Incumbent)

•         Officer at Large (Helen Harlow – Incumbent)

The role of the Nominating Committee is addressed in SECTION 2(b) of the EUSPBA bylaws, which can be found online at

“The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for nominating Individual Members and Honorary Life Members in good standing for election to the Executive Committee. The Nominating Committee shall be appointed annually by the Executive Committee and shall consist of (1) member representing each Branch of the Association and no more than two (2) members representing the Executive Committee.”

“The Nominating Committee shall, at least forty-five (45) days prior to each scheduled Annual Meeting, furnish to the Executive Secretary written ballots to be mailed to the Individual Members and Member Bands, all in good standing, containing the names of the individuals nominated for election pursuant to Article V, Section 1.”

“In making nominations for the election of members of the Executive Committee, the Nominating Committee may nominate more individuals than the number of vacancies to be filled. The written ballots prepared by the Nominating Committee shall contain places for the Member Bands or Individuals, as the case may be, to indicate their preferences for the election of eligible Individual Members and Honorary Life Members not nominated for office by the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall conduct its responsibilities in accordance with these By-Laws and the Guidelines approved by the Executive Committee. Such Guidelines shall not, however, be in conflict with the By-Laws set forth herein.”

Please let me know the name of your branch’s representative no later than Friday, September 4th (the end of this business week), I apologize for the short notice. That will give us time to properly solicit nominations and prepare the ballots. I will do my best to minimize the time commitment (conducting business by e-mail when possible), but I would anticipate at least one group meeting in the next two weeks (probably by web conference/phone) that would last no more than one hour.

If you have any feedback, feel free to share it with me. I can be reached at

Thank you and best wishes for continued success this season!

Jim Dillahey

EUSPBA Vice President

Chairman, Nominating Committee



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Southern Branch AGM – September 20, 2015

As has been the case/tradition for many years, the Southern Branch will hold their annual AGM on the Sunday morning following the Charleston Games. The meeting will be held at the Homewood Suites by Hilton, 1998 Riviera Drive, Mt. Pleasant, SC. The meeting will start promptly at 9 a.m.

As there are no elections to take place this year, the meeting will consist of a brief discusssion of any Branch concerns which may be presented, followed by the presentation of any items for presentation on the Branch’s behalf at the AGM in November. If you have an agenda item for consideration you must be there, or have someone in person to represent the item for you. At the meeting there is the option of 1) approving the item as/is for presentation, 2) modifying the item for consideration which must be done during this meeting, or 3) “killing” the item. Items which are approved for presentation at the AGM by the Southern Branch will be set at the conclusion of the meeting.

Per EUSPBA voting standard rules, a band received 7 votes and an individual receives 1 vote. Anyone who wishes to participate is welcome, however only individual members of the Association or those representing a member band are allowed to vote on any items brought up.

If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail: Southern@EUSPBA. org I hope to see some of you there and look forward to your involvement in YOUR association.

Bill Caudill
Southern Branch Chair

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Southern Branch Band Championship at the Scotland County Highland Games – October 3, 2015

The Southern Branch will be holding a first (in some years) Branch Championship for bands at the 2015 Scotland County Highland Games.  This is being done as an effort to gauge interest in future Branch Championships which in the future may be rotated from Games to Games or which may be set depending on the interest and desires of Branch bands.

The Scotland County Games were selected as they are: 1) close to the end of the Southern Branch “season” which currently runs until Stone Mountain in October (two weeks following this event – and which obviously has its own high status and importance in our circuit as the Branch’s largest band competition);  2)  the Scotland County Games has become a favorite among bands based on feedback received from participants, as well as offering other special piping and drumming related events held in conjunction with the Games (the Games’ annual Worlds Greatest Pipers Concert Series – which this year will feature Willie McCallum) AND this year the inauguration of one of the EUSPBA “PREMIER” Professional Piping Events which will be held on the Sunday following the Games; 3) upon approval of the Championship Contest designation by the EUSPBA Executive Committee, this Games had not already set their budget for the year so that an additional allotment of prize monies could be made available; and 4) this was an effort to provide a somewhat geographically favorable location for such an event which could be accessed easily enough by a majority of Branch bands.

The competition will be “regular” in that there will be no second contest, but rather the results of the day will determine the Branch Champion.  Odd-even day playing requirements will govern, as will regular EUSPBA band competition rules.

I would like to thank the Scotland County Highland Games for making available several hundred dollars in additional prize monies for this “Championship” event.  Entry forms are available online at the Games website:  We look forward to the continued participation of those bands who have enjoyed this event in the past – as well as hopefully some new bands who may join us from both the Branch and beyond.  I’d like to extend a special invitation to some of our most southern Branch members in Florida to join us for this Championship event.

Bill Caudill
Chairman, Southern Branch EUSPBA

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Southern Branch To Offer “OVER 50” Piping Circuit

In an effort to re-involve, or further involve, former and current members the Southern Branch has received permission to create a “pilot program” for OVER 50 Pipers for the Summer and early Fall of 2015.  This program seeks to involve players who are over 50 years of age who have either stopped competing, or who may wish to play against their age-peers.

The OVER 50 Piping Circuit for 2015 will consist of THREE Games/Contests:  Grandfather Mountain in July,  Charleston in September, and Scotland County in October.  Events will be “unsanctioned” due to the lack of a current format for Over-50 players, but the hope is that this may perhaps lead other Games both in and out of our Branch to follow suit in offering Over-50 events and perhaps create this “Grade” for the future.

ANYONE OVER 50 MAY COMPETE IN THESE EVENTS.  Nonetheless, this is NOT designed to be an event for beginner and novice players, but rather for “senior players” who may have stopped competitive playing, or who wish to play against age-peers without the pressures of playing against younger and faster fingers!

Competitive events in the Over-50 Circuit for 2015 will consist of:

  1. Piobaireachd -   full tune – player’s own choice
  2. 2/4 March     -    4 parted tune – players own choice
  3. Strathspey and Reel  -  4 parted tunes – players own choice


  • Competitors must be registered members of EUSPBA or join the association on the day of competition.
  • Competitors must register and play in the Over-50 Events ONLY at the Games listed.  I.E.  You may not compete in current Amateur or Professional Grade AND ALSO PLAY in the Over-50 events.
  • ANY Over 50 Player may compete in these events regardless of current EUSPBA grading – however this is NOT designed to be an event for adult beginners – but rather for experienced players who are at least 50 years old or older.
  • Prizes will be awarded at each Games for places and overall “Over 50 Piper of the Day.”
  • A special award for the OVERALL “Over-50 Circuit Champion” will be made at the concluding event  (Scotland County, on October 3).  Players are encouraged to compete in ALL THREE events.
  • Registration for the Over-50 Events has been placed on the entry forms for Grandfather Mountain, Charleston, and Scotland County.  No field entries for the Over-50 Events will be allowed.

SUGGESTIONS: Here are some examples of the potential competitors we would like to see join us for these events:

  •  a “retired” competitor who has not played in some time in solo competition
  • anyone Over-50 who wishes to test their competitive mettle against their own age peers
  • previous non-competitors who are Over 50 and have the required tune selections for the competitions
  • a former competitor who is currently Over 50 but has not played competitively in some years
  • “retired” competitors from Professional, Amateur Grade I, or II competitions – or those who currently do not compete of roughly these grade/ability levels.

AGAIN….ANY OVER-50 PLAYER MAY ENTER, but this “open” event is designed for those who have had previous successes in playing and competing over the years but who may not currently be active in solo competitions.



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Willie McCallum in Concert October 2, 2015

The Southern Branch is pleased to welcome Mr. Willie McCallum as a guest judge and recitalist for the Scotland County Highland Games this year.  Following in the footsteps of  Angus MacColl, Bruce Gandy, and Matt MacIsaac, McCallum will be the fourth in the Games’ “Worlds’ Greatest Pipers” concert series.   McCallum will also be a guest judge for both solos and bands at the Scotland County Games on October 3.

McCallum is winner of both the Oban and Inverness Gold Medals, the Former Winners MSR and both Oban and Inverness multiple times, as well as the Bratach Gorm, the Silver Chanter, the Donald MacLeod Memorial and the Dan Reid Memorial each multiple times.  He has also won the Glenfiddich World Piping Championship an unprecedented 8 times!

As was the case with previous recitalist Angus MacColl, Mr. McCallum was selected in part due to historical ties with the region in which the SCHG is located – with many McCallums from his region of Argyll having settled within the Upper Cape Fear and Pee Dee River valleys of this old Highland settlement of the Carolinas.  This is Mr. McCallum’s first visit to this part of the Southern United States.

The Concert will take place on Friday evening, October 2, on the campus of St. Andrews University in Laurinburg, North Carolina in conjunction with the Scotland County Highland Games.  Admission at the door will be $10, with band discounts available.  For further information, contact Bill Caudill -  OR visit the Games website:

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New Southern Branch Officers Announced

Our first online election was a big success, with more than 22% of our members voting. That is significantly improved from elections in years past. It would be great for the Branch to continue these advances and have a higher percentage each year.

The new EUSPBA Southern Branch officers are:

  • Branch Chair – Bill Caudill
  • Branch Secretary – Andrew Kerr
  • Branch Treasurer – Peter Armstrong


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Meet Your Branch Office Candidates 2014

Candidate for Chair: Joe Brady

Pipe and drum bands have been a part of Joe Brady’s life since he was 9 years old –
learning under the tutelage of Chicago’s oldest band — the Stockyard Kilties and later playing with the Chicago Police pipe bands. Upon moving to North Carolina in 2005 he formed the Wake and District Public Safety Pipes and Drums and is currently developing a juvenile program – the Crossroad Kilty band. “I’m not the greatest piper in the circle” said Brady, “but I know how to organize and promote a program while raising the level and recognition of the music I love”. Brady is a retired police officer and current band manager of the Wake and District pipe band program.

Candidate for Chair: Bill Caudill

Bill Caudill is a Professional Piper who has been playing the pipes since 1977. He was first involved in the Charlotte Caledonian Pipe Band until joining the Grandfather Mountain
Highlanders in 1982. He remained with the Grandfather Mountain band until 2005, having served as P/S, and P/M (1987-1991) in part during the band’s brief stint in Grade II. He is founder and instructor of the St. Andrews University Pipe Band and has led that band from humble beginnings to become of of the most consistent Grade III bands in the EUSPBA. He also assisted as a member of the Charleston Police Pipe Band during their short run in Grade II from 2005-2008. He is also founder and Chairman of the Scotland County Highland Games. He has served as a member of the EUSPBA Music Board (2002-2008), led the Music Board’s Judges Review committee, and served as an examiner for the Graduate Exams. Professionally he is a member of the faculty of St. Andrews University in Laurinburg, North Carolina, where he resides with his wife Anne, and sons John Alec, and Daniel.

Candidate for Chair: Tom Crawford

• Piper for 15 years. Currently Grade 2 solo piper and Pipe Major of North Atlanta Pipes & Drums
• Musician for 45 years – Multi-instrumentalist and member of Keltic Kudzu (newest CD
now available on and at Entertainment Stage 2 at Stone Mountain Games!)
• On the Southern Branch Board as Chair or Treasurer since 2005
• 10 years as Webmaster
• 10 years of attendance at both EUSPBA and Southern Branch Annual General Meetings
• 3 years as Contest Director for the Atlanta Indoor Solo Piping Contest
• Assisted on Workshop Committees in Atlanta, Charleston, Columbia SC and Greenville
• I will explore bringing more educational opportunities to the Southern Branch, utilizing
both localized meetings and web-based instruction
• I believe that with your involvement, the Southern Branch can be a model for the other
branches, helping our members get the most out of their EUSPBA membership

Candidate for Secretary: Andrew Kerr

Hello, my name is Andrew Kerr and I’m seeking your vote for the EUSPBA Southern
branch Secretary position. I have been apart of the EUSPBA branch with bands and solo
competitions since 1985. Over the past 4 years I’ve been apart of the SPSL and RSPBA
organizations within the United Kingdom and Scotland. After 21 years in the US military I am now able to help out the Southern branch piping community. I would be honored for your vote to be the next EUSPBA Southern branch secretary.

Candidate for Secretary: Katy Rashid

Katy Rashid was born in the north of England to English and Pakistani parents. After her family emigrated to the United States, she spent most of her childhood in central New York, where she began chanter lessons at the age of 9 after watching the Mohawk Valley Frasers play at a girl scout meeting. Her first instructor was Jim Clough. As a young player, Katy benefited enormously from summer piping schools, where she was fortunate to have had the opportunity to study with many fine instructors, including Donald Lindsay, Ian McClellan, Jimmy McGregor, Ronnie Lawrie, and, most importantly, James McIntosh MBE. In 1987 she moved to Pittsburgh and began attending Carnegie Mellon University, where she would serve as Pipe Major of the CMU Pipe Band during four years of university (1987–1991) and again from 1992-1993. Under the tutelage of Jimmy McIntosh, Katy enjoyed a moderately successful solo career, ranking as the EUSPBA’s top overall Grade I piper in 1989 and placing first in the Nicol-Brown Amateur Invitational that same year.

After a long break from piping, Katy moved to South Carolina in 1999, where she began
a family, a pipe band, and a new career as a piping instructor. In this she was greatly aided by Bob Worrall, who has been teacher, mentor, and good friend. She was delighted to become an active solo competitor once again and would like to thank all the people who make this possible, including her husband John, sons Rowan and Liam, and life-long teacher Jimmy McIntosh, who in 2012 was kind enough to move 10 miles away and take up the task of instructing her once again. Also in 2012, Katy moved into the Professional piping grade. Since then, she has successfully completed the EUSPBA’s Graduate Certificate and become an instructor at the North American Academy of Piping and Drumming. Katy enjoys playing with the Atlanta Pipe Band, instructing her piping students and her children, and working as Registrar at her sons’ soccer club. As a happy Southern transplant, she welcomes the opportunity to take on a larger role in the Southern branch of the EUSPBA.

Candidate for Treasurer: Peter Armstrong

Started to learn the bagpipes in 1998 from Sandy Jones. Since then he has competed solo and with the Charleston Police Pipes and Drums Grade 4 and is the playing instructor for the Grade 5 band.

He has been involved with the EUSPBA as a Games Monitor and former officer of the Southern Branch serving as Secretary and Member at Large. While serving the Southern Branch he assisted in producing workshops, “Meet the Judges” meeting after games and working with games directors to produce a better competition experience.

He is the former Director of Piping and Drumming of the Charleston Games, serving 11 years in that position. He is the organizer and Director of the Sandy Jones Invitational and Charleston Indoor Games.


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2014 Southern Branch AGM Announced

The Southern Branch Annual General Meeting will be held at 10am on Sunday, September 21, 2014 at the Holiday Inn Charleston – Mount Pleasant, 250 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Mt Pleasant SC 29464. This is the Sunday after the Charleston Highland Games, and the location is the games host hotel.
This meeting is your opportunity to have a voice in how EUSPBA is run. The meeting will focus on elections of Branch Officers, updates to happenings within our Association, and soliciting topics to bring to the EUSPBA AGM in November. If you have a rule, by-law, policy or anything else you would like to see changed – THIS is the place to do so. We will start at 10am, so you can sleep in, and we’ll end no later than 1pm so you can get on the road. It will just take a wee bit of time to take an active roll in our Association. Please join us!

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Southern Branch Chair to Run for EUSPBA Vice President

Congratulations to Jim Dillahey, Southern Branch Chair for being nominated to run for the Vice President’s seat on the EUSPBA Executive Committee. It will be great to have Southern Branch representation on the EC. Please remember Jim when filling out your ballots in October.
At the Southern Branch Annual General Meeting we will elect a new Chair. Tom Crawford, the current branch Treasurer, has agreed to run for the Chair. However, we also welcome nominations from all who are interested in serving the Southern Branch as the Chair, as Treasurer or in any other capacity.

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