2014 Southern Branch AGM Announced

The Southern Branch Annual General Meeting will be held at 10am on Sunday, September 21, 2014 at the Holiday Inn Charleston – Mount Pleasant, 250 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Mt Pleasant SC 29464. This is the Sunday after the Charleston Highland Games, and the location is the games host hotel.
This meeting is your opportunity to have a voice in how EUSPBA is run. The meeting will focus on elections of Branch Officers, updates to happenings within our Association, and soliciting topics to bring to the EUSPBA AGM in November. If you have a rule, by-law, policy or anything else you would like to see changed – THIS is the place to do so. We will start at 10am, so you can sleep in, and we’ll end no later than 1pm so you can get on the road. It will just take a wee bit of time to take an active roll in our Association. Please join us!

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Southern Branch Chair to Run for EUSPBA Vice President

Congratulations to Jim Dillahey, Southern Branch Chair for being nominated to run for the Vice President’s seat on the EUSPBA Executive Committee. It will be great to have Southern Branch representation on the EC. Please remember Jim when filling out your ballots in October.
At the Southern Branch Annual General Meeting we will elect a new Chair. Tom Crawford, the current branch Treasurer, has agreed to run for the Chair. However, we also welcome nominations from all who are interested in serving the Southern Branch as the Chair, as Treasurer or in any other capacity.

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Branch AGM Announced

Please join us at our Annual General Meeting at 11:00am Sunday morning, September 22, 2013. That’s the morning after the Charleston Games and we’ll meet at the host hotel, the Mt Pleasant Holiday Inn on Johnny Dobbs Parkway.  We’ll discuss the state of the Branch as well as topics to send to the EC for their consideration at the EUSPBA AGM in November. There will also be an election for the Branch Treasurer. This is a great opportunity for a little effort having a big impact.

We will have coffee and light refreshments. Y’all come!

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New Coastal Region Southern Branch Workshop Scheduled

The Southern Branch has scheduled the first of a series of Piping Worksops for the Coastal Region, to be held on February 9, 2013 at The Citadel in Charleston, SC. Get your competition season off to a great start with instructors Jimmy MacIntosh MBE, Joyce MacIntosh and Jim Dillahey.

More information and registration form.

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A Message From Jim Dillahey, Southern Branch Chair

As the incoming Southern Branch Chairman, I would first like to thank the outgoing Branch Chairman, Albert McMullin. He has done a fine job of leading the Branch for a number of years and has overseen a good bit of positive growth. I hope to build off of his efforts and keep the Southern Branch on the right track. I also would like to recognize Doug Ross who won the recent election to be the next Southern Branch Chairman but resigned due to changes in his professional life.

My main focus will be trying to offer more educational opportunities to the Branch throughout the year in smaller regional workshops. The idea behind this is that they will be day trips for the attendees rather than full weekend affairs which are generally more costly (hotel, food, and gas).  I am looking forward to the challenges of this job and will be relying on not only the Southern Branch Officers, but the members as well to brainstorm new ideas for the future while keeping what is working intact. I will always be open to new ideas and methods to get the job done, so if you have an idea please feel free to get in touch with me!

I would also like to introduce the Southern Branch Officers to you, though you probably already know all of them since they have been fixtures at about every Games in the South for many years.

Chair: Jim Dillahey
Secretary: John Guerry
Treasurer: Tom Crawford
Officer at Large: Jon Shell
Officer at Large: Grace Washam
Monitor Coordinator: Debbie Hahn

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Don’t Forget – Southern Branch AGM September 16, 2012

Don’t Forget that the Southern Branch AGM will be held on Sunday September 16, 2012 at 8:30am at the Holiday Inn in Mt Pleasant SC. This is the host hotel for the Charleston Games. We will be electing officers, discussing items for the EUSPBA AGM, and making plans for the future of the branch. Please join us on Sunday morning and make your voice heard.

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Southern Branch Seeks Nominations for Chair

The current term of office for the Southern Branch Chairman will expire in August 2012. The Chair has indicated that he does not plan to run for re-election at that time. If you have an interest in running for this position, please contact Andrea Jones, chair of the Nominating Committee. Andrea and the committee can answer your questions on the nominating process or what is involved in holding a Branch office.

The election will be held at the Southern Branch AGM . The deadline to submit your name for consideration is July 30, 2012.


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Southern Branch Policy Update

The Southern Branch officers have implemented the following policy for all Southern Branch games, effective immediately:  “If a competitor is unable to provide a valid membership number prior to or on games day and if the competitor states he/she has already submitted his/her dues, the benefit of the doubt will be given to the competitor.  If it is subsequently determined the competitor did not pay his/her dues by the date in question, the matter will be referred to the Executive Committee for disciplinary action.”  Under this policy, all the monitor need do is note the name of the person on the monitor reimbursement form and send it on.”

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Southern Branch Monitors

Monitors for 2012 Southern Branch Games are now listed on our Contacts page. If you would like to become a monitor, or would like more information on the Monitor program, Please contact Deb Hahn, our Monitor Coordinator.

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Site Updates

Our site Resources page has been updated with the Branch Expense Report and the 2011 Branch AGM Minutes.

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